Wedding Day Tips part 4: First Look - Pros

Couples should consider the first look for more than just the practicality of timing, It’s a great decision for couples who want to spend some quiet time together before the ceremony. If you’re nervous, having a first look and seeing your partner is a great way to ease that feeling.

Of course, practicality can’t be ignored. A first look enables you to take a lot of your photos before the ceremony so you can get to cocktail hour and your reception sooner.

A first look definitely does not spoil the ceremony. You’ll be overwhelmed with emotion no matter what, so if you want to see your partner, don’t skip it.

You’ll get some privacy. It’s a whirlwind once guests arrive, and having a first look gives you and your partner a few moments together before all of your family and friends surround you.

If you’re having a winter ceremony, first-look wedding photos are critical if you want portraits taken with natural light. The sun will be down between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., so this is your chance for pictures in the sun.