Wedding Day Tips part 5: First Look - Cons

If you’re traditional, it’s okay to skip it. Remember that you can always change your mind—even on the day of your wedding!—and opt for a first look if you decide you need to see your partner. A skilled photographer/videographer will be able to adapt and help you make that moment happen.

There’s nothing like the groom seeing his bride for the first time when she walks down the aisle. It’s the most magical moment! You may have to adjust your timeline. If you’re having a ceremony earlier in the day, a first look will mean you have to be ready even earlier than you’d planned—which means you have to start getting ready earlier, too,

First looks can build up the pressure. Some grooms are very private with their emotions, which can disappoint a bride if she expects him to have a big reaction the first time he sees her.

If there isn’t time in your timeline to transport you and your partner to the first look location, don’t force it. The rushing will take away from the opportunity to photograph meaningful moments, and could cause stress instead of relieving it. Your first look should be at least an hour before the ceremony so you can be tucked away before early guests arrive, and if that doesn’t fit into your timeline, skip it!