Wedding Day Tips part 2


  1. We highly recommend an un-plugged ceremony so that your family & friends are present, your photos and videos aren’t filled with people’s cameras, tablets, cell-phones, etc...and so that none of your moments are missed by us due to the interference of others. 

  2. What we can capture is limited to the restrictions of the venue. If the venue has rules of where we can or can not be, will play a factor in the shots we are able to capture.

First Look

a first look is a beautiful & private moment before the ceremony in which the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time with no distractions. the wedding day can get busy and this allows the couple to escape the busy schedule and just focus on one another. though it is not necessary, we do highly recommend it.

here are the benefits:

- it’s an intimate time together where you do not need to hold back or deal with

- depending on the time of year or how late the ceremony starts, a first look allows you to have natural light photos.

- you get to attend your cocktail hour. that should be enough of a reason right there! 

- every couple that has done a first look has told us that it truly calmed their nerves and allowed them to enjoy and be fully present during the ceremony and rest of the day. 

- you are investing good money to have a professional videographers. you should get the most out of your portrait time instead of rushing to get them done so you can be
introduced at the reception. 

Lastly, Remember what is important! Things can go wrong on a wedding day. If you keep your main focus on the fact that you get to marry the person you love, none of those things will ruin your day.